Saturday, March 17, 2012

LGA is the proud recipient of the 2012 American Telemedicine Association (ATA) Poster Presentation Awards!  

Kay Lavi - LifePaths Global Alliance
Volunteer Guest House in Port au Prince

Kay Lavi - LifePaths Global Alliance Volunteer House is located in central Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The purpose of this Guest House is to provide a safe and cozy place to stay while you are volunteering in Haiti. 


Your stay includes the following:

• Transportation 
• Beautiful Guest House with large yard and mature trees
• Pleasant hostel style sleeping arrangements 
• 24 hour security within a compound
• Breakfast and authentic Haitian dinners
• Clean Drinking Water
• Flush toilets and showers
• Internet access
• 24 hour electricity
• Interpreters, Guides and Security Staff

or call 
519-639-0789 (Canada)

LifePaths Global Alliance celebrates a successful year in Telemedicine

LONDON, Ont. – LifePaths Global Alliance (LGA) is celebrating TWO YEARS of success at their telemedicine clinic in L’Estere, Haiti. Telemedicine agents provided primary healthcare to over 10,000 patients since August of 2010.
LGA’s telemedicine clinic is the only medical facility in the rural town of L’Estere and surrounding area, that offers ongoing primary health care and patient follow up. The rural town is located three hours north of Port-au-Prince with a population of 38,000. Clinic services are free and include a free medication dispensary.
The telemedicine clinic, which is equipped to serve 100 people per week, is the first clinic of its kind in the region.
"For many poor people, the local hospital is not a viable option, as it is rarely staffed and is too expensive," said Elaine Knight, founder of LGA. "We are thrilled to be able to provide accessible health care that would otherwise not be available to the people of the L'Estere area."
Dr. Paul Gahlinger, a pioneer in telemedicine from Utah, introduced the system to LGA. It is an innovative form of clinical medicine that uses interactive audiovisual media to communicate medical information, and is used for everything from routine check-ups to medical procedures and exams.
Haitian Doctor Joseph Prosper, who travels many hours providing mobile clinic services to the rural area, serves as the medical director of the clinic. "Utilizing telemedicine in remote areas of Haiti has changed many lives, especially mine," Prosper said. "This is my dream come true. I can maximize my expertise and reach out to many more people without leaving my hospital in Port au Prince, making it a better use of my time.”

Our Telemedicine Team in L'Estere Haiti
Grand opening of LGA's Telemedicine Clinic
Patient and Nurse in L'Estere consulting with Dr. Joey Prosper in Port au Prince
Telemedicine at it's best
LifePaths Global Alliance partners with Ras Productions
and holds FREE concert in L'Estere to mark 2nd anniversary of the Earthquake
1500 people enjoy the concert and LGA took the opportunity to introduce our charity and talk about healthcare and our medical clinic.  We also told them about our many programs that we have started to support the telemedicine clinic in L'Estere.  Programs to date are the computer school,  internet cafe, clothing boutique , movie theatre, english and french weekend school, a rice project and music programs.